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Take a break with PokerTH

8 02 2008 We all need to take a break from ‘work’ once in while, often times I find myself playing a few rounds of Pokerth. Version 0.6 which was released on December 13th 2007, adds a few nice features, most notably the “Internet Game” with the dedicated PokerTH Server [You don't need to setup your own server to play with friends now - the functionality still exists if you wish to], as well as adding support for SCTP and IPv6.
PokerTH is a nicely polished game that’s addictively fun if you’re into todays craze of Texas Holdem. I generally find the PokerTh server slow, so I tend to just play local games with it, but without doubt it’s become my new solitaire/spider/tri-peaks replacement. When I do fancy the fun and challenge of competition I run Pokerstars through Wine.
So do you want to give it a try? :-)
We’re given two options for download, an installer or a zip archive. [libSDL is required - this should already be installed by default]
We’ll use the installer method here. Let’s grab the package:
Now we need to make the bin file executable:
chmod +x PokerTH-0.6-linux-installer.bin
Then execute the file to start the bitrock installer:
Follow through the installer [Screenshots detailing the process below]
The installer will create a shortcut on your desktop, to play PokerTH click it. :-)
Here are a series of screenshots of PokerTH’s settings.
The installer also creates an uninstaller in its directory. If you wish to uninstall PokerTH, cd to its directory and execute the uninstaller.

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